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How to Solve a Rubik"s Cube - Stage 1

How to Solve a Rubik

Stage 1 of the Official “How to Fix a Rubik’s Dice” Guide is everything about being familiar with your Rubik’s Dice, and the symbols that we will certainly use in the various other phases of “How to Fix a Rubik’s Cube”.

The initial this you will should recognize is exactly what the components are:

– Side Pieces: These are pieces with 2 shades. There are twelve edge pieces located in the middles rows.

– Edge Pieces: These are pieces with three shades. There are eight corner items situated on the edges.

– Center Parts: These are pieces with one shade. There are 6 center items situated in the facility of each side. Facility pieces DO NOT MOVE and also stand for the color of their side. Center item colors are constantly contrary each other: white opposite yellow, orange contrary red, and also eco-friendly opposite blue.

The next point you will certainly need to know is the notation, each side of the Rubik’s Dice is provided by a letter. A letter on its very own stands for a right turn, as well as one with an “i” after it suggests a counter-clockwise turn.

R = Right Face – Right side of the Cube

L = Left Face – Left side of the Cube

U = Up Face – Top of the Cube

D = Down Face – Bottom side of the Dice

F = Front Face – Front side of the Dice

B = Back Face – Back side of the Dice

It is extremely important that when making the steps over hold your Rubik’s Dice full-face front with the company logo ahead.


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How to Solve a Rubik"s Cube - Stage 1

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