Monday, April 27, 2015

How to Solve a Rubik"s Cube - Stage 2

Phase 2 of the Official “How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube” Overview has to do with addressing exactly what is known as the “White Cross”. The objective is to position all the side items that have white on them in the proper position.


Holding your Rubik’s Cube with the white center piece on the top face, you must develop a white cross. Much of this level is achieved with technique and by hit and miss … but we do have some pointers.


– Make certain to address the sections of the white cross in the following order – blue, orange, green, red.

– Notification the EDGE ITEM COLOR STYLES match the leading white facility item and also the side red as well as blue center items. This is just how we understand the edge pieces are in the appropriate placements.

– Maintaining the white center piece ahead, move the blue/white side item to the bottom face, after that revolve it under till it is straight under the blue center item. Now hold your Rubik’s Cube so the blue facility piece and blue/white edge piece are on the right face. Rotate the best face up until the blue/white side piece is on the top face as well as over heaven center item.

– If your edge item is in the appropriate position yet the upside-down round, do the sequence below seeing to it the center piece is on the appropriate face.

Ri, U, Fi, Ui


If your Rubik’s Cube has a white cross that looks like this photo, you could move to Stage 3!


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How to Solve a Rubik"s Cube - Stage 2

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